Should Old Guys Ride Dirt Bikes?

Old guys absolutely should ride dirt bikes. If you are reasonably healthy and are willing to get into just a little bit of shape, then there’s no reason not to. Besides, it will all be good for you. You can either sit on the couch and listen to your arteries harden… or get up and keep on living.

You don’t believe me? Take a look at this video. It’s less than 5 minutes long. Watch it all.

This 72 year old guy had never ridden a dirt bike before he started out on this ride.

Don’t think that because you aren’t twenty-something, you can’t go on this Ho Chi Minh Trail Ride. There’s plenty of time to get ready if you want to go. We will be tailoring the ride and difficulty to suit the riders. It’s not a race. We’re going to take our time and smell the… make that… see the HCMT. If the guy in the video can do it, so can you.

The paraphrase the end of the video: Old age is the perfect time to do something outrageous.

Riding the HCMT may not count as outrageous… but it isn’t playing scrabble in the old folk’s home either.


4 thoughts on “Should Old Guys Ride Dirt Bikes?

    • YES!!! Absolutely! Don has been part of the planning all along. Actually, he started helping me way back for my 2014 trip. I am in touch with Don often and we are still working on things so that as soon as the travel ban is lifted, I’ll be headed his way.

    • P.S. Sorry for being sexist. I should have mentioned that if old guys can make this trip, then young girls like you certainly can too. *smiley face*

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