News Flash! HCMT Ride Dates Set

There has been a schedule shift and the dates are now set for the Great Ho Chi Minh Trail Ride. We will hit the road in Laos on 30 March. We will leave from Vientiane and spend 14 days exploring. Our last day of riding will be 12 April and we will end up in Paske. We will depart from Paske on the morning of 13 April. Check out the map of our route.

Click on the map to open larger in a seperate tab. Two more detailed maps are at the bottom of the page.

We have created a day-by-day schedule. However, this schedule is by no means rigid. We can spend more or less time in areas depending on interests… and perhaps depending on the amount of “Monkey butt.”

We hit the road on 30 March and head North toward LS-20A (Alternate) and the Plain of Jars (PDJ). Then we swing south and toward the HCMT. We travel almost the whole length HCMT and end on Pakse on 12 April. The end date in Pakse is the only day that is rigid. I have schedule my airline departure from Pakse on 13 April.

That departure date from Pakse doesn’t have to be rigid for others. One example possible is some may want to cross into Thailand and fly our of Udorn a day or two later.

The 30 March start date should give time for anyone wanting to go to get in on this once in a lifetime ride. I will arrive in Vientiane (VTE) on 28 March after arriving in Bangkok on the 26th. That gives me a day to get over jet lag. If you are going to join in, you should arrive at VTE not later than the 29th.

Click here for the day-by-day ride ride schedule (opens in a new tab)

Stops for Day 1 – Day 5 (Click on image to open full size in a new tab)
HCMT Route Day 6 through Day 14. (Click on image to open full size in a new tab)

Another great video of areas we’ll be seeing by Don Duval, AKA the Midnite Mapper
Don’s video of building the Longest Bamboo bridge in Asia. We’re going there toi ride it!!!!!

These are just a couple of Don’s amazing videos. Here’s a link to all of his videos… but I warn you… you could spend hours and hours watching these. But why just watch… join us!

Don Duval’s Youtube Video’s (LaosGPSmap Midnitemapper). Opens in a new tab

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