About HCMTrail Ride

Fifty years ago the Second Indochina War was raging. American troop strength reached 554,000 in Vietnam. The main flow of men, weapons, and supplies to the Communist backed forces in South Vietnam came down the Ho Chi Minh Trail that ran through Laos. American and allied aircraft bombed “The Trail” night and day throughout the war.

I was there… no not on the trail, but close by at a little garden spot hogged out of the jungle in a place we called Naked Fanny. The real name was Nakhon Phanom. It was an air base used by the USAF Air Commandos to mount air strikes throughout Laos; primarily the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Our job was to stop the supplies and weapons that were intended to kill Americans in South Vietnam. We did our job to the best of our ability.

We couldn’t go to Laos then. Now, this is the opportunity to see “The Trail” for yourself. This “Trail Ride” is being organized for the few who want to go back and see it for themselves.

More info to come